Workforce (Including Farmworker) Housing

Farmworker Housing 

Farmworker Housing Toolkit - 26 page guide on how to include the special housing needs of Farmworkers in your Housing Element (ABAG; Jan, 22)

Farmworker Housing Toolkit Slides - outlines process for including Farmworker housing in your Housing Element (ABAG; Jan 22)

21 Elements Farmworker Housing Memo - summary tips for San Mateo County jurisdictions for your Housing Element (21 Elements; March '22)

Teacher Housing Conference

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Keynote: The Housing Affordability Crisis, Implications for Schools and Education

Session 1: The Scope of the Challenge and What Can Be Done

Session 2: From Concept to Groundbreaking: Finance, Construction and Managing Affordable Housing

Session 3: Talking About Housing/Understanding Employee Needs

Session 4: Legal, Tax and Zoning Issues

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