Covid and Shelter-in-Place Resources 


Table of Contents

1. Extension of Deadlines

2. Jurisdiction Operations / Restaurant Reopening Guidelines

3. Notices on Remote Hearings/Meetings

4. Eviction Moratoriums

5. Safety Protocols

6. Virtual Inspections/Electronic Resources

7. Call Notes

8. Legislative Orders



 1. Extension of Deadlines

Sample Ordinances and Resolutions

Extension for Applicants/Permit Holders - This order gives applicants more time to act on entitlements or permits. 

Extension for Cities - This ordinance suspends all timeframes relating to the maximum time the city has to process or take action on applications for entitlements or permits.

Notice of Impossibility - This resolution puts in the official record that it is not possible to meet all deadlines. 

East Palo Alto Resolution - Extends development entitlements through September 30, 2020.


Other Resources

Letter to the GovernorThis letter asks the Governor to suspend deadlines for cities.

Who sent Letters: Hillsborough; Redwood City, SSF


2. Jurisdiction Operations and COOP Memos

Brisbane Reopening Procedures and Protocols 

Outdoor Dining Rules - From San Mateo County

Cupertino Restaurant Information

City Websites for Updates - Where to go to learn more about policies of each jurisdiction.

New Building Department Status Table (March 30, 2020) Please update your jurisdiction's processes here.

Original Survey Summary Table (March 17, 2020) Table of what jurisdictions are currently doing.

Survey Template (March 17, 2020) Current building and planning response to Shelter-in-Place declaration.

Redwood City Staff Report on Response to Covid (April 6, 2020) Includes overview of potential eviction moratorium actions.

Foster COOP Memo (March 17, 2020)

San Mateo County COOP Memo (March 16, 2020)


3. Notices on Remote Hearings or Meetings

Daly City Notice and Annoucement at Beginning of Agenda for Planning Commission Meetings

Menlo Park Notice and Annoucement at Beginning of Agenda for Planning Commision Meetings

Pacifica Notice for Planning Commission Meetings

San Carlos Notice for Planning Commisson Meetings


4. Eviction Moratoriums

Generic Staff Report Template for moratorium on evictions and income loss due to COVID-19.

Commercial Moratorium: City of Pacifica Eviction Moratorium Staff Report and OrdinanceCity of San Mateo Eviction MoratoriumMillbrae, San Carlos, Menlo ParkSSF Staff Report and Urgency Ordinance 

City of Oakland Eviction Moratorium Includes residential rentals and commercial leases thru May 31st. 

City of San Diego Comprehensive Actions to Address Economic and Social Impacts from the Coronavirus.

City of Sacramento Temporary Moratorium on Evicting Tenants and Declaring an Emergency Measure.

City of San Jose Moratorium on Evictions and Income Loss Due to COVID-19 – Memo, presentation, ordinance, resolution, etc.

California Moratorium Tracker On-going tracking of eviction moratoriums across the state updated by Tenants Together.


5. Safety Protocols 

Meetings and Questions

Epidemiologist Call Summary and Recording (March 23, 2020) 

Sample Screening Questions Before Inspections - Developed for 911 dispatchers that could be asked in advance of an inspection.

County Health Officer Questions (March 19, 2020)  Questions for the County Health Officer on operations during the Shelter-in-Place order. Developed during the March 18th call. Answers will be added to this document as they come in.



Draft Summary of Safety Protocols for Inspectors - Includes recommended practices learned to date and call with epidemiologist.

CDC Resources for Businesses and Employers - Interim guidelines and information on keeping workers safe.

Guidance for Preparing Workplaces for Covid-19 (March 2020) OSHA guide to keeping workers at different risk levels safe.

Health and Safety Tips for Hotel Industry - Contains some useful information on protocols, disinfectants and resources.

SMC Video on Safety Protocols - Fire Battalion Chief Jeff Thorne offers an internal staff brief on COVID-19 and PPE.


Communications to Developers/Construction Sites and Enforcing Site Shutdowns

Temporary Placard Examples from Foster City, Los Altos Hills and San Carlos.

Form for Business to Complete - Certifies they are following all Health Officer directives. PDF with fillable fields.

Hillsborough Flyers in English and Spanish - Customizable handout on County SIP order and your jurisdictions rules. 

Hillsborough Letters to Construction Sites on Safety Protocols English | Spanish | Chinese (Traditional) | Chinese (Simple)

Millbrae Current Building Inspection Guidelines - Includes definitions and examples of essential and non-essential inspections.

Menlo Park Direction from District Attorney - Training bulletin for police officers on enforcing site shudowns or SIP violations.

Redwood City Letter to Construction Sites - An update on the County Health Order sent to active job sites on April 3, 2020.


6. Virtual Inspections & Electronic Resources

Virtual Inspections and Meetings

Draft Virtual Inspection Options - Summary of eight popular free and fee platforms for video building inspections. 

Blitzz - Web-based video tool used by the County of San Mateo for inspections that works on any device a SMS text can be recieved on. Does not require sharing phone number and includes tools like circling/pointing at screen shots or photos during calls.

Cisco Webex - Some building inspection departments are using this for virtual inspections, and could also be used for meetings of 100-200 people.

San Bernardino Virtual Inspection Tool - being used by San Mateo City.

GoToMeeting - Menlo Park using for Planning Commisssion meeting along with closed chambers, email/voicemail for public comment before meeting that is read aloud by clerk during meeting. Could be used for virtual inspections.

Speak Up San Mateo - San Mateo City created discussion board on their website to be used for public meetings. Comments are submitted and read aloud by clerk during meeting.

Zoom - Used by multiple jurisdictions (Atherton, East Palo Alto, Hillsborough, Redwood City, San Carlos) for commission and council meetings and could be used for virtual inspections.


Project and Team Management Software

Bluebeam Revu - contractors using to keep teams on same page through design, construction and completion.

GreenVue - Brisbane using for building permits and project planning.

Plan Grid - San Mateo City using for large multi-family and affordable housing developments to track as-builts with plans and make it easier to monitor.

TRAKIt for the Public Sector - multiple jurisdictions (Atherton, Belmont, Redwood City, San Bruno) are using to manage projects.


Public Participation 

coUrbanize - Company out of Boston that specializes in online community engagement tools for planners, municipaliaties and real estate developers.


7. Call Notes

05/06/20 Building Inspector Call Summary Discussed updates on what cities are doing since SIP order was relaxed.

04/27/20 Call Summary Discussed AB 5 concerns, digital processes for planning and building, and what cities are doing.

04/22/20 Building Inspector Call Summary Discussed updates on what cities are doing and upcoming ADU webinar.

04/20/20 Call Summary Discussed additional PDA nominations and updates on what cities are doing.

04/15/30 Building Inspector Call Summary Discussed what cities are doing and questions on process.

04/13/20 Call Summary Discussed OPR APR submissions (powerpoint), RHNA draft methodology and what cities are doing.

04/09/20 Building Inspector Call Summary Discussed what cities are doing and completed products for inspectors. 

04/06/20 Call Summary Discussed REAP/LEAP funding (powerpoint), updates on what cities are doing and upcoming meetings/products.

04/02/20 Building Inspector Call Summary Discussed updates on what cities are doing, the new order and virtual inspections.

03/30/20 Call Summary Discussed updates to practices, additional resources that could be helpful and deadlines.

03/27/20 Epidemiologist Call Summary Discussed what we know about the virus and safety concerns for inspectors.

03/26/20 Building Inspector Call Summary Discussed what cities are doing, virtual inspections and Blitzz video tool.

03/23/20 Call Summary Discussed questions for Health Officer, inspections and questions for upcoming epidemiologist call.

03/18/20 Call Summary Discussed survey, possible Phase 1 and 2, and questions for the County Health Officer.

03/17/20 Call Summary Discussed initial response, inspection and hearing changes, and surveying each jurisdiction.


8. Legislation and Executive Orders

San Mateo County Updated Shelter-in-Place Order (April 29, 2020) Extends order through May 31st and loosens certain restrictions.

San Mateo County Updated Shelter-in-Place Order (March 31, 2020) Extends order through May 3rd and adds clarifying language.

Executive Order N-37-20 (March 27, 2020) State of California eviction moratorium through May 31st. 

Executive Order N-33-20 (March 19, 2020)  State of California shelter in place order. 

Executive Order N-29-20 (March 17, 2020)  Includes additional relaxation for the Brown Act.

Executive Order N-28-20 (March 16, 2020)  Includes authoirity for a moratorium on evictions.

San Mateo County Shelter-in-Place Order (March 16, 2020)  Includes exemptions listed in Section 10.