Affordable Housing Finance

Tools for developing deed-restricted affordable housing. 


Affordable Housing Finance 101

Affordable Housing Finance 101 - This overview of how affordable housing is financed and developed is provided for jurisdiction staff to help inform your decisions and policymaking. Sections of this document may be pulled and used in your housing element or may help you talk about affordable housing with your community. (8 page, June 2022)


Housing Trust Funds 

Below are useful resources for jurisdictions deploying their Housing Trust Fund.

Here are six RFQ examples for various purposes, including selecting an affordable housing financial consultant, a housing services consultant, a Homekey program property developer, or a qualified affordable housing developer. These RFQs provide ideas and a structure for jurisdictions drafting their own RFQ.

  • Financial Consultants, RFQ - County of San Mateo 
  • Financial Consultants, Due Diligence Q&A, RFQ - County of San Mateo
  • Homeless Services Consultants, RFQ - County of Alameda 
  • Homekey Development Partners, RFQ - County of San Mateo 
  • Qualified Developers, RFQ - Daly City
  • Developer for the Bay Meadows Site, RFQ - City of San Mateo

Here are three RFP examples for soliciting site-specific affordable housing proposals.

  • Developer for the Middlefield Junction Site, RFP - County of San Mateo
  • Developer for the Midway/Bayshore Site, RFP - County of San Mateo
  • Developer for the Bradford Site, RFP - Redwood City

Here are housing trust fund loan policies, affordability preservation strategies, and examples of two press releases for new affordable housing developments built on the properties of religious organizations. 

  • Loan Policies, Policies - County of San Mateo Dept. of Housing
  • Local Gov. Preservation Strategies, Best Practices - California Housing Partnership
  • Jordan Court Affordable Housing, Press Release - 
  • Immanuel-Sobrato Affordable Housing, Press Release -

Here is a 21 page resource document outlining specific tools and strategies for your jurisdiction to use when deploying a housing trust fund.

  • Housing Trust Fund Tools and Strategy Memo, word doc

Here is a list of affordable housing consultants who work with local government clients.

  •  List of Affordable Housing Consultants, Spreadsheet