About 21 Elements

21 Elements is a multi-year, multi-phase collaboration of all twenty-one San Mateo County jurisdictions, along with partner agencies and stakeholder organizations. The project aims to support jurisdictions in developing, adopting, and implementing local housing policies and programs. It is a forum for sharing resources, successful strategies and best practices.

Housing Planning — 21 Elements brings together cities in San Mateo County to learn from each other and collaborate, helping them complete their state required Housing Elements or housing plans. By providing data, sample language, and best practices, 21 Elements allows cities to write high-quality Housing Elements with fewer resources.

Housing Policy— Often, cities in San Mateo County are struggling with similar housing issues and considering similar solutions. 21 Elements helps those cities find policies that are right for them, working with their neighbors in a supportive, cooperative environment. Respecting local control, 21 Elements makes it easier to adopt innovative policies that address important housing needs. From affordable housing to accessory dwelling units, 21 Elements has resources to help.

Organizing Partners

Baird + Driskell Community Planning

Home for All San Mateo County

City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County (C/CAG)

Department of Health – Health Policy and Planning Unit

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