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Short Term Vacation Rentals


 Regulation Status and Summary

 Jurisdiction  Notes
Belmont  No significant discussions at this time
Brisbane  City Attorney determined that STVRs are illegal under current municipal code. Council may discuss after Baylands deliberations. 
Colma Conversation has started with City Council. 
East Palo Alto  
Foster City  
Half Moon Bay Planning Commission has held discussions. Council will likely discuss in 2018. Complicated by Coastal Act. 
Hillsborough City Attorney determined that STVRs are illegal under current municipal code. City doing outreach in winter 2017/2018. 
Menlo Park  
Pacifica City believes STVRs are not a permitted use. Initial Council discussion showed interest in regulation and TOT. Not high priority item for Council at this time
Portola Valley  
Redwood City

 Regulations currently being considered (Winter 2017/2018):

  • Primary Residence.  A primary residence is a dwelling unit where a person has been physically present and that the person regards as home  A person may only have one primary residence at any given time.
  • Annual Limit for Unhosted Rentals. A primary residence may be occupied as a short-term rental for no more than 120 days per calendar year where no host is present. 
  • No Limit for Hosted Rentals. There shall be no limit on the number of days a primary residence may be occupied as a short-term rental where the host is present. 
  • Local Contact Person. Hosts shall identify a local contact person to be available during the term of an unhosted stay. This person shall respond to complaints. 
  • Parking. Existing on-site spaces shall be made available to short-term renters. 
  • Special Events. Special events such as weddings and corporate retreats are prohibited. 
  • Registration. Registration, business license, and payment of Transient Occupancy Tax are required. 


San Bruno  
San Carlos  
San Mateo City No signficant discussions at this time 
San Mateo County

 Piloting regulations on the Coast. Key recommendations include:

  • Registration required
  • No more than 180 days in a year (un-hosted)
  • Unlimited hosted rentals
  • Local contact person required
  • Insurance required
  • TOT tax collected
S San Francisco No significant discussions at this time


Short Term Vacation Rental Products

Options for Regulating Short Term Vacation Rentals 

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Presentation from Oct 30, 2015

Audio from Oct 30, 2015 - Available upon request